The Live Archive is an installationary medium which speculates in the simultaneous transmission and archiving of time-based work and performance art. Based on the idea of an ever subjective interpretation in registering art and an increasingly decentralised user/consumer experience, The Live Archive utilises the Internet to, through sound and still-images show and record performances in a reflexive relationship in which both the performers and the public's environment are summarised. These "actors" are both transmitted and archived in a formatted, idiosyncratic and seemingly endless stream of images and sound. The Live Archive is both an active tool for viewing and transmitting present events, as well as a passive container for the storage and reliving of past events.

The Live Archive is developed by Alexis Mark for Annual Reportt on the occasion of their participation at the Alt_Cph 18 art fair, and realised in collaboration with a series of invited artists and collaborators from Denmark and abroad. The contributions of these collaborators will be broadcasted continuously throughout the fair. Between these performances, parts of the fair’s other activities will be transmitted through the platform into the Internet. In this way, contributors who are not physically present are allowed input in the fair, while in turn the fair itself is made available for viewing outside of its physical premises.

During the presence of The Live Archive at Alt_Cph 18 Art Fair:

IMAGE is brought to you by:
Sabine Kongsted,
KLD Repro,
Alexis Mark,

SOUND is brought to you by:
fanfare / fanfare Inc.

How does space change according to its content? How instant can a digital sound medium be? And in what way does space record action?

On the occasion of Alt_Cph and the launch of The Life Archive fanfare tetatet will bring a mix of jingles and intuitive observations to The Live Archive. Alongside the Alt_Cph performance programme fanfare tetatet will be recording on the spot, investigating the way in which the actions are traced in their surroundings.

fanfare is a platform for graphic design and artistic practices based in Amsterdam.